God, humans and silence

It all began in heavens

When He deftly created the first two humans

Bestowing each with traits

For they were the first of many greats


Time evolved, humankind followed

Clinging onto hopes of delusional ropes

Alas! How wrong were we

To mistake the facade for genuity


He asked for a wad of dollars in despair

An awkward silence prevailed

He expected company in solitude

An awkward silence prevailed

He solicited courage in the shackles of illness

An awkward silence prevailed

He scrounged for help towards a feebling morrow

An awkward silence prevailed

He sought support in the engulfs of twilight

An awkward silence prevailed


But, then came the aid of God

Yet again, an awkward silence prevailed

With realization, with admiration!


Context: As one swims through the ocean of life, he encounters the fair share of mountains and valleys. Man, in the process, develops expectations from people around, the aftermath of which is often nothing, but, dejection. Finally, he realizes that the only true help is from none other than the Provider, the Master, the Creator himself.


Muslims in 21st Century India

Delhi Jama Masjid

Photo Credit: Reuters

India, as we all know, is a land of various cultures, languages, religions & beliefs. This very distinct feature of being a diverse nation further solidifies the ‘Secularist’ facade of the Constitution of India. The fundamental right of an Indian citizen to practice his/her religion, without external influence per se, aims to leverage the coexistence of different communities that the country proudly accommodates.

The outpour here is a feeble attempt to substantiate the view of secularism indoctrinated in the Indian Constitution.  If I analyze the situation of Muslims in today’s India, the brush would only paint a gory picture. Thanks to the intrusion of those nationalists cum ruffians, who leave no stone unturned to disturb the serenity & harmony of our country. Aftermath of this all – it has virtually become a sin to be a Muslim in India. In these times, almost every aspect of a Muslim’s life is under strict surveillance. With the ever proliferating Saffronism & downtrending GDP, the motherly sympathies are only for Muslims in terms of what they eat, what they wear, how they worship, how or who they marry & even how they get divorced! In my view, the condition deteriorated only after the ruling authority, the Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP), came into power in 2014. It catalyzed the efforts to promote their ideology of ‘Hindutva’, along with the support of other political parties like the Rashtriya Swayamsevak Sangh (RSS) & the Shiv Sena.

I have lost count of how many innocent people have been butchered in the guise of beef-eating in innumerable instances of lynching across the country. On the other hand, when it comes to the choice of cloths, a Muslim women wearing a Burqa, which is the outer garment worn by women in public, is seen as an oppressed female soliciting affection from the outer world. The so called feminists conveniently ignore the fact that covering the body by a Burqa is no oppression, rather it is adorned to protect oneself from a number of social evils.

To talk about other barriers to practicing religion in greater detail, I would clawback to the recently concluded festive season of Eidul Adha. The Islamic practice of sacrificing certain animals was questioned yet again & debated about 24×7 on news channels. I find it utterly illogical that how can a sacred ritual, which aims to feed the poor, be a matter of concern to some. According to a report by the Food and Agriculture Organisation (FAO) and the Organisation for Economic Cooperation (OECD), India is the third-biggest beef exporter in the world & would likely hang onto this position through the next decade. It would be interesting to note that the beef exporters in the country are predominantly non-Muslims. Above all this, hundreds of thousands of animals are killed by leading restaurant chains around the world throughout the year, but the ruckus is only when Muslims sacrifice, that too for a generous cause.

These issues are actually leading to an increase in religious intolerance among masses & paving a way for anti-Islamic fanaticism. If Muslims continue to be targeted in this fashion, the Constitutional setup of a ‘Secular State’ would be crushed & rendered as a mere literary adornment.

The appalling holocaust of Peshawar

A student prays at a private school in Chennai. (Source: PTI)

A student prays at a private school in Chennai, India. (Source: PTI)

Lead, they say, is the toughest part of writing. Never thought I would be so spoiled for choice to begin with, at such a saddening juncture. There is a sea of emotions, plenty to express, humongous grief within & a perpetual disgust ever since the incident occurred.

Who could have thought that a normal day at school, on the 16th Of December, 2014, would turn out to be a such a fatal one for the children & staff of Army Public School (APS), Peshawar & of course for Pakistan itself. Seven heavily armed attackers of Tehrik-e-Taliban Pakistan caused the havoc in the Army-run school & took the lives of almost 142 students & school officials. Accounts of the eye witnesses, who fortunately escaped death,  explain how dastardly the attack was.

Sitwat Jafri, a 12th Grade student, lost his mother who was a teacher at APS. His younger brother, Baqer Jafri, was shot in the head but thankfully survived. Another teacher, Sofia Amjad, who was married to a lawyer, lost her battle with life before she could have made the dream of marrying off her daughters a reality. During the attack, some students pretended to be dead & later described the trauma to the world. There are numerous other stories that have surfaced thereafter, which have truly shaken us. Many countries including India, Saudi Arabia, Canada and United Kingdom have shown support & stood by Pakistan. India, in particular, has responded very positively to Pakistan, forgetting their differences & uniting at this crucial point. The #IndiawithPakistan was trending on twitter & the incident drew extensive support from the Indian base of Twitter users. Many schools, all over India, observed a two-minute silence to remember & pray for the departed souls. But, sadly among all these humanitarian gestures, there were still some insensible Politicians of our country, who took advantage of the situation to target Pakistan on grounds of historical differences & proliferating terrorism through their futile comments.

The Peshawar episode has raised questions about the security of schools in the minds of the young ones too. As reported in India Times, a leading Indian newspaper, a parent, Richa Sharma, found herself striving to answer the query of her six-year-old daughter when asked “Mummy, we don’t even have benches in our school. Only chairs. Where will we hide?” The same report also highlights, another Class 2 student, Kavya’s fear when she innocently asks her mother “How far is Peshawar from her school?” and “If all the bad people have been killed.”

Let us not forget those parents, who have lost the wealth of their life in this heinous act. That limitless pain, that feeling of never being able to see their child again & the resulting agony has left them utterly inconsolable. No other blessing in the world would perhaps commensurate the loss. Not an eye would be void of tears on the very thought of their excruciation. Let me also make it clear here that those who have carried out this inhuman act in the guise of Islam, had no right to do so. It would be like adulterating the ever so pristine religion to serve the nefarious intentions of a few ruthless beings.

Lastly, post Peshawar tragedy, both the countries of the sub-continent would remember 16th December as one of the worst days in their history. While Pakistan is lamenting this attack in Peshawar, India has also not been able to come to terms with the Delhi gang rape case that jolted the countrymen a couple of years back.

We wholeheartedly pray that may peace prevail on either side of the border & citizens of both the countries stay safe eternally.


Eve-teasing on the rise in Kingdom

Dhahran harassment case

Time & time again, I have been persuaded by the Kingdom’s perturbing cases of eve-teasing. A video posted on YouTube last October, showing a group of women being harassed by a few eve-teasers in a parking lot outside a mall, sparked outrage in the media. When the incident surfaced among masses, both the harasser & the harassed were targeted by the public. While the former was accused of utterly unethical & immoral behavior, the latter was criticized to have let that happen due to the absence of a male guardian. As per the official report, Saudi Arabia had registered around 3,000 reported cases of harassment in 2013, where Riyadh topped the list with almost 650 cases, followed by Jeddah & Eastern Province. Those which go unnoticed or unreported may actually be much more than the total figure itself.

The debate drags in a host of other issues, which are said to have contributed for the proliferation of this social evil. There can be many reasons for such incidents. It could sometimes be because of a shopaholic or businesswomen travelling with unknown drivers, ignorance of people about the teachings of religion, demand for freedom of women in the guise of human rights, or more importantly a hooligan on the street searching for a prey! I think the most conducive & threatening of them all are the ones that highlight lone women travelers & uncultured youth, be it because of a force majeure or just to play a vagabond. Despite the fact that women can’t drive in Saudi Arabia, it doesn’t necessitate them to be driven around without an actual need. I too am partially of the opinion that women should be allowed to drive, but the more important question that pops up is ‘To end a single problem, should a solution such be devised that gives rise to many other problems?’. The answer would certainly be ‘No’.

If women take to the roads, they would attract unwanted attention of other drivers. I say this merely because the country’s populace is not yet mature enough to see women on the driving seats. To detail a bit about harassment cases here, I would exemplify by mentioning about a sting operation conducted by a chivalrous media personality from Saudi Arabia, Sameera Aziz. The Saudi-journalist through her investigation brought to light the voyeuristic nature of many, if not all, taxi drivers here. She exposed a cab driver accompanied by a fellow journalist in a car behind. Aziz, during the journey, was ogled at, asked personal & utterly irrelevant questions & later accused of having a bad character. This is just one among hundreds of cases of harassment.

One of my primary concerns to write about such a pervasive stigma is to bring about the third perspective associated with all such cases. I in no way intend to target the female of the species, but am just putting the ponder into words. I often observe an unpleasant sight where the both the involved parties indulge in the drama. It is usually said that men tend to start, but it is not always the case. I strongly believe that women need to act responsibly & understand the importance of a virtuous demeanor. Being skimpily dressed, wearing strong perfumes, ostentatious makeup, etc. all contribute to an uncalled for behavior on part of women. Should this & associated activities be controlled, it will definitely bring down the occurrences of harassment.

Till then, we can just pray to the Almighty to protect & guide us all!

First cheque in your name, worth Rs. 1 crore

Feroz Fatma & Amitabh Bachchan

Indubitably, the tittle stands for itself, while the 22 year old, Firoz Fatma, made the fact public. The lady was pronounced the first women Crorepati of the seventh season of Kaun Banega Crorepati (KBC). Fatma hails from Saharanpur district of Uttar Pradesh, India & holds a Bachelor of Science degree. She talked of her deceased father during the show, who passed away an year back. As she narrated, he died in the state of Sujud (Prostration) while praying in the Masjid. Her father had taken some loans, keeping their land as mortgage. The repayment of the same led her to KBC, where she was destined to see the first cheque in her name, worth Rs 1 Crore!

I had watched this last episode of KBC right from the beginning. At first, the lady seemed nervous & pressurized. If I remember it right, she took thirty-three seconds to answer the three questions of the Fastest Finger First round. Luckily, she got away with it & was the only contestant to have answered all the three questions. This led her to qualify & reach the hot seat. What I liked about her was the appearance & a serene conduct that she projected. Neither did she popularize any artificial adornments, nor were those ‘the Victoria secret’ eyes. It was all about simplicity & composure. As for her vast knowledge at such a young age, it had mainly come from reading newspapers & watching news channels. As the game progressed, her confidence escalated as she endeavored towards what she may not even have dreamt of. As Indian express quotes, she said “I was very nervous when I wasn’t able to make it to the hot seat in the second last episode also and felt I would have to go home empty handed. But then I aced the fastest finger first round and made my way to the hot seat. Also, I didn’t feel as the Rs one Crore winner until the audience clapped and Bachchanji hugged me. It is a great feeling.” KBC has literally changed almost every aspect of her life. She is also reported having said that the behavior of relatives & other acquaintances around her has changed after she won at the game show. Life is indeed harsh & time a ruthless observer at certain junctions.

Fatma spoke about her tenacity & willingness to participate in the show, as quoted by a news channel. She said “I continued sending SMSes for KBC, and when the opportunity came, I devoted my full attention to prepare for the quiz.” She also added saying “”I had a chance to win Rs 3 crore, but there was this risk of losing this money (Rs 1 crore). I had used all my three lifelines, and since I was not confident, I quit.” This I think was a wise choice on her part, as we know it is better to you lose what was not certain to be earned than to lose what has already been bagged.

Though this season’s KBC has ended, but it has yet again triumphed the confidence of the common man, rejuvenated the spirits of ordinary people of the country & reasserted the very cause of it being there. May the ever so graceful Mr. Amitabh Bachchan, continue to conduct this unique game show & accord the players with eternal happiness & joy.

Photo source: http://newsmedia247.com/firoz-fatima-becomes-first-female-crorepati-kbc-7-finale


My tribute to the little master….

Sachin Tendulkar

Cricket to me is something that I do not take cognizance of mostly. But, in the last couple of weeks, I lost to my perception, I lost to the grandeur, I lost to the stature of a legend -the little master. A defeat was pleasing to the senses for the first time ever.  I found the feeling difficult to contain within & hence have set out to this space with the outpour.

Sachin Ramesh Tendulkar, a name that is an introduction in itself. I am already convinced that if there is a synonym to the word Cricket, it surely is just one ‘Sachin’. Days are not far when children, young & ambitious, would utter “I am playing Sachin mom, allow me  some more time please”. And that benevolent mother would bow down to the request of her child for the love of nation, for the love of Sachin. Due to my limited interest in the game as mentioned, I know not much about Sir Donald Bradman. I have come to terms with this fact realizing that I at least know who is the Bradman of today. Sachin, no doubt, has proved to be the Bradman of this era.  A player who has a ton of tons in international cricket is truly a magician. Sachin has set out some stupendous benchmarks during his cricketing career. Some of them are almost unbreakable, but would be a great impetus for the youngsters in trying to achieve them. His last inning was absolutely a treat to watch as he rose to the occasion gracefully. This seclusion from the sport wouldn’t be less than a nightmare for him. That last march to the dressing room after his dismissal, would have been an enormously cumbersome one to tread. The way he played leaves me pondering like many others, was there more of cricket left in the little master? Was it an early deprival for his fans?

The post-match speech of Sachin was one of the best I had ever lent ears to. He commenced with thanking his father & continued down the list, though it was such a difficult time to speak. I believe that to emerge victorious in any walk of life, a person first needs to have a good character. Sachin has had this attribute in handsome proportion. From what we know about him, he is an obeying son, a loving brother, a wonderful husband, a caring father, an encouraging teammate & above all a generous human being. This was all evident on the countenance of those near & dear ones present around him. Life is a melange of several transitions & plenty of events. What dominates at the end is the family bonding. At this difficult moment of parting away from his passion, it is the support of his family that would help him ease the ordeal.

The 24 years of relentless cricket, filled with numerous moments of euphoria, have suddenly ceased. The hero has gifted so much to his country throughout the course of his career & now it was our turn to reciprocate.  The media played its part by dedicating bulletins to his name, the spectators turned up in multitude, there might be some penning up praises for him like me, but still it is no match against his contributions.

I wish I could have kept from loosing my interest in cricket, only had Sachin been a part. You wouldn’t be missed Sachin, for missed are those who are forgotten at first. You live in our hearts. Stay blessed……

Photo Source: Sachin’s Facebook page