40 years of brilliance……..

Amitabh Bachchan,I can joyfully express my indolence in introducing this gentleman,as I may run out of my vocabulary in a quest to do so.The all time favorite star is so pristine that he is not dependant on any sought of oreintations.The fact that even after having turned 67,recently,he still rules the hearts of millions not only in India but also enjoys a global fame, is enough to justify his attributes.

What a marvellous career he has had!He first gained popularity in the early 70’s by the image of an angry young man and has since become one of the most prominent and admirable figures in the history of Indian cinema.Awards started to que up from his very first film that was Saat Hindustani(1969) for which he was proclaimed to be the Best Newcomer.From his frist major appearance in the critically acclaimed and commercially successful Anand(1971),till his last release ,the actor has gradually elevated to new heights of talent and improvisation.He is no more a novice,rather,is immaculate in his profession now.The man now is 40 years old in the Bollywood fraternity.

Also,for around two years,AB has also been enthusiastic on his blog.Today (May 12) is the 751st day of his blog.


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