T20 World Cup

It didn’t take long for the cricket fans to wander around scrounging for entertainment after the third season of IPL ended the previous month.Soon,it was the T20 world cup that attracted attention of the audience worldwide.As expected it is turning out to be an outstanding tournament so far,despite the fact that Indians are now standing out.As I write this,England outplays Sri Lanka to qualify for the final.

The men in blue actually lost hope to win the WC prior to having been beaten by Sri Lanka.The comprehensive win by Sri Lanka later in that match just facilitated the media to criticize the Indian team even more than if Dhoni’s young brigade had not have lost that final match of the Super eights.Our media which continuously flaunts meaningless taglines like “Apko rakhe age” and “Zara sochiye” doesn’t even have the slightest idea of the extent to which it can damage the perception of an individual.

We know that Pakistan had lost to the Kiwis in their second match of the S8’s.There was an immediate¬†response to this on one of the channels that seemed to have taken pride in reporting about Pakistan’s departure from the T20 World cup.We now know what lies ahead for Pakistan in this event.And it was this very media that may have felt monotonous to showcase the news of Pakistan entering the semi’s.Huh!!!Such blatant discrimination?Okay,I know there may be some agony in between Pakistan and our Indian media(esp. after Sania’s marriage with Shoaib,notwithstanding their desperate attempts to create turbulence before this wedding),but what about India itself.It is this very biased Indian media that is now raising eye brows on players of the Indian team which at times lifts them up into the skies whilst praising them.To spice up the whole news piece,IPL has been introduced to the allegation process.Earlier,at the commencement of this major event,it was analysed that it would help the Indian players to prepare themselves for the upcoming WC.But now,the whole blame has been put on the it.The players are being asked to choose between their country and the Indian Premiere League.Had IPL have really affected the teams performance,the aftermath would have similar on the players of all the other teams that had participated in it.Its absolutely foolish to put allegations on IPL for this unexpected performance from our team.

An exclusive thought for the Indian media “Cats like men are flatterers”.


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