Mangalore crash

I was pained to have come across about yet another airplane disaster early Saturday morning in the South Indian city,Mangalore.The Air India Express carrying one hundred sixty-six passengers overshot the runway and eventually fell into a valley just after the air strip.The crash had no survivors except eight.The six members of the crew also had become the target of this fatal accident.

The airport is said to have a table top runway i.e. it is situated on a hill.Not only is it surrounded by deep gorges that are merely thirty metres from the runway,also,there are tropical forests on all but one side of it.Prima facei,it appeared that the main reason of this mishap was the inadequate length of the runway.It was said so because the pilot had over run the touchdown point by at least two thousand feet.Also,there was not enough overshoot area to alter the inevitable in case of emergency.It was also believed that a ‘go-around’ may have been attempted,once it was realized that the landing has not been as it was intended to be.Albeit,both the pilots were experienced but they couldn’t organize their thoughts well prior to the crash in a quest to ensnare the plane.Nature’s wrath leaves no escape once an individual is enstrangled in its web.Those who miraculously got away were rewarded not less than an other life by Allah.May He protect us all!

Now to talk of the government and how it tackled the situation,it should be accredited for the immediate relief it offered to those deceased.Some compensation was announced for the victims immediately.Also,must not we forget the villagers nearby who assisted the rescue teams in handling the debris.Mr.Praful Patel,the Union Minister for Civil Aviation met Dr.Manmohan Singh later that day.He was so perturbed by what had happened that he decided to discontinue from service.

Mr.Patel took the moral responsibility for Mangalore crash and seemed to be immensely grieved by it.In contrast to this,at the other hand,if we talk of political leaders from the neighboring country,it is just a converse situation.Inspite of large scale corruption and suicide bombings,their leaders fail to take effective steps to control the situation and are never willing to quit even at the cost of human blood.I know there is no link with Pakistan here,thankfully,but still just wanted to highlight the disparity in ideologies and perception between the leaders of these two nations.


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