Mayhem at Jeddah airport

I had visited King Abdul Aziz Int’l airport the previous week to see off a few relatives.I heard of the situation prevalent there from a few in my friend circle but never thought it would be that worse.I would say it was a tumult never witnessed before in these days.My quest started by scrounging for a trolley to load the luggage.I somehow made my way through the heavy crowd that moved at turtle speed.But what left me in stupefaction was that I couldn’t find one even after some thirty odd minutes.The staff at the airport incredulously capitalises in such circumstances.Those who are seen managing the trolleys at the airport had taken control of their respective carriers and charged heavily to offer services.

After a struggle of around forty five minutes,we managed to find one and continued to the Check In counter.There was a long queue that had started from outside the airport building and persisted till we reached the luggage counter.It took almost four hours to finish off the formalities.I seriously do not understand what is the cause of this large scale mismanagement.Your domestic airport seems to be larger than the international one.It is not a concealed fact that an Int’l airport is bound to have more air traffic than any domestic airport.If so is the situation now,then imagine what may happen on Hajj which is fast approaching.Moreover,the not so good,in fact,the indecorous demeanor of officials sitting on those so very comfortable chairs,adds to the misery of any EXPATRIATE(not a Saudi).

When in queue,we also had to resist seeing the man in charge of the counter,chatting and having fun with his colleagues thereby paying least attention to those who had been standing for hours.And if you dare to ask them to come back,they reply in the ”Ana Saudi” churlish attitude and hence he can do what ever he wants to.Ergo,we are left with no other choice but to stand and contemplate on our fate.May Allah guide us all.


4 thoughts on “Mayhem at Jeddah airport

  1. Very well said exactly….! King AbdulAziz is the Intl Airport and the gateway to Makkah and Madinah through which Muslims from all around the world come for Hajj.
    Such an airport should be made a world class airport.
    Hope to see it becoming one day soon.

    • I am really thankful to you for having given your opinion.It was a pleasure to read from you…….

      Yes,Abdullah it must become one soon.But also,what’s required is a transformation in the demeanor of officials.I hope they achieve excellence in both respects…….

  2. i faced same situation several times
    i think you should write an article or a letter to editor to bring this issue to the notice to higher authorities..

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