Memories from India

Indubitably,that time is remembered for longevity when you are accompanied with the kith and kin and that too in your very own country.I just returned from India the previous week.Thought of writing early but the cloud of nostalgia seemed to have flown over along with the Saudi airlines aircraft that brought me to the kingdom.The reminiscences rained and rained heavily pouring on me those moments of immense joy and gratification which are unforgettable.Ergo,I couldn’t turn up early to relate a few of my experiences.In fact,I couldn’t gather the strength to recollect all that passed and still sit away from my homeland.Eventually,I show up to share an episode of my travel for now I find myself in a better state than I was,a week back.

Before I continue further,let me give a few stats about the newly opened terminal at  Delhi airport.The gigantic terminal 3 was inaugurated on the 3rd of July,2010 and  is reported to be the 8th largest terminal in the world with a capacity of around 34 million passengers.It has an Apron area of nearly 6.7 million square feet.Also,there are over 165 Check in and 95 immigration counters(46 inbound and 49 outbound).The airport also has 97 automatic Travelators/Walkways and the longest one extends to 118 meters.The 78 aerobridges also constitute three for A380 or similar sized aircrafts.Another important section is the Hajj terminal which can serve around ten million pilgrims simultaneously thereby avoiding the disruption of other travelers who intend to reach any other part of the world.There are certain zones of the airport which allow a free use of Wi-Fi by some of the mobile networks functioning in India.Another impressive and stylish introduction has been made in the form of multi level car park facility.It has seven levels and can accommodate up to 4,300 vehicles.The most striking feature of this structure is that it is India’s first automated parking management and guidance system.By making use of this technology,one can park his/her car within five minutes from entry by making use of electronic dynamic signage which helps in indicating the vacant spaces.

Now,lets continue with where I left.We were supposed to destinate at around half past six in the morning. The sun rays made their way through the windows that caused some irritation over the eye lids which woke me up as we circled over Delhi before touch down.I had already read and heard a lot about the Indira Gandhi International Airport,the improvements made and the standard achieved and was anxious to witness it myself.After walking through the jetway,we finally entered the Grand airport.After having a look around,I uttered abruptly,WOW.It really was a long passage that led to the immigration counters.The thick carpet laid inside the airport hardly makes you feel the rigidity of the surface beneath.Travelators/Walkways were placed around every ten meters giving you an option to rest your muscles while the belt carries you close to the immigration area.My elder brother,Adeel had returned from the UK a month before we left for India.He never hesitated and in fact took pride in comparing the IGIA from LHR.

The Delhi metro is likely to start soon that would connect the airport to the rest of Delhi and NCR.The only negative point that I wish to highlight is the demeanor of certain officials towards the passengers.It is the only area requiring improvement and supervision.Otherwise,the govt. has every right to be duly credited for its efforts to transform the IGIA which has left many Indians themselves astonished seeing such a huge progress made by the country.


3 thoughts on “Memories from India

  1. 🙂 hmmm… tumhare batain sun k dil kr raha hay aik bar india ka visit zror krnaa chahay 🙂 its realy sweet to read all that … 🙂

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