The bodacious Rahat…….

Rahat Taslim(37),a housewife from Girdhi,a  town in Jharkhand,Bihar had her destiny produce one of the most beautiful days of her life on November the 8th.She now is the first of her gender to have won a cheque of Rs.1,00,00,000.Yes,its true and this kept her counting the zeroes,as you may have done a few seconds back,to ensure that she has reached a Crore.Rahat says “I had not even told my children (son – Faisal and daughter – Tazeem) that I won the amount of Rs 1 crore.” She adds, “I used my lifeline ‘phone-a-friend’ and Amitabh Bachchan told my brother that I won Rs 50 lakh. So as soon as I reached home they asked me about the game and I had to tell them that I gave the wrong answer and hence I just managed to win Rs 3 lakh 20 thousand. I didn’t share the news of my victory with anybody, except my husband, Imtiaz.” The reason for doing so was well explained by her in this statement “Also I love surprises. And I wanted to surprise my kids and my relatives and hence chose to say nothing till the promos were aired.”

To talk a bit about the lady’s educational background,she has been a science student and also possesses a Bachelors degree in History from Ranchi Women’s College.She aimed to be a doctor at first but had to drop the idea because of her early marriage.Being a teacher was also of her interests,but somehow couldn’t be one and ended up being an embroidery teacher to prop her financially disturbed family.This made her earn some money and help her husband who works in a company at Cochin.It yields him around 8,000 which indeed isn’t enough.Taslim was apparently not in a condition to afford an airplane ticket,but had to do so by borrowing money from a relative to cope up with the schedule of her appearance on November 1 as a contestant.Some regard her story  as the one shown in Slumdog Millionaire.But the matter of fact is it is solely by God’s will that changes occur in life for our own good.Realisation is only what takes time.

For her,it still is like a dream to have such lump sum amount in her bank account,which was opened only for the sake of enrolling herself in the game show.It was just serendipity that Rahat thought of participating when she had just Rs.3 in her mobile phone.She sent the SMS answering the question on hindu mythology when the things started on October 16.She then got a call to show up for the auditions to be held on the 26th of the previous month.It also was a dream to meet the superstar Amitabh Bachchan that turned into reality.She was nowhere before and is everywhere now,in media,in newspapers,on radios,on the internet.The way she played was absolutely phenomenal.Her confidence ,tenacity ,grit , conscience and her overall skills that she made use of was really commendable.Mr.Bachchan mentioned about her on his blog the other day “She never in her life had opened even a bank account, because of their meagre earnings, had never seen the lakhs that came to her in the form of the zero’s on her cheque and had never ever imagined that she would get to the hot seat at KBC” .He later added “She played like a master, knew most of the answers till she reached the 50 lakh mark and then cracked the million dollar question. Never once did she flinch or express any fear of what she was getting into, once she reached the high numbers, was confident from the word go and her fate and luck never left her side !”.He also couldn’t resist saying “it was the strength of her convictions that gave her what she had always desired. Bravo !” (

Albeit,the prize won by her is 67 Lakhs(post taxation),but she intends to make some charity out of it.I felicitate the anchor and also the KBC team that helped someone in need and I wish many more who are living under such circumstances get a chance to eradicate the problems within.

May Allah help her make wise use of the prize money and overcome the difficulties that she faced in the pre-millionaire state……


6 thoughts on “The bodacious Rahat…….

  1. wowwwww… thatsss soooooooo…. ! i mean…. unbelievable… woooww………. thats the faith in ALLAH and the destiny itself kisses the feet…… amazing……. m really soooo muchh surprised……

    • Thank you for commenting.It really was an incredulous display of talent.The lady played beyond our expectations and hers as well.

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