Happy new year…….1432

It may seem weird to some of you out there thinking what time is this to wish a new year to you all.Indeed,it is the most apt moment for this felicitation,for today is the beginning of the new Islamic year as per the Hijri calender.Its maghrib time now and after this sunset,the year 1432 will begin.I aim more at creating awareness among who read than felicitation,to be precise.Awareness regarding what actually is the real point of congratulating a new year.May I be rewarded even if a single person out those few who read this,follows suit.Today,I keep it short and will not elaborate much albeit,I can as there’s a lot to write about the Hijri calender.When and how it came into existence,the reason for its beginning and many other aspects of the Islamic calender.It has twelve months and no month is more than 30 days,its either of 29 days or of 30.It has a total of 354 or 355 days.

We hear elders talking about the adoption of Western culture,their values and traditions by the present day Muslim.How true it is really.There are innumerable examples showing our indulgence in their customs.We only realize that new year is about to fall on hearing about the commencement of Christmas festivities.And when its Feb,we begin to comprehend about the 14th of that month.April is always to fool someone(and if you ever come to know the aftermath of doing so then you may not even think of fooling anyone again).I have just cited a few examples among many.On the other hand it is ironical that some part of our culture is better taken care of by the westerners themselves.

Huh!Such an ignominy on our part.Many of us may not even know what are the months of our calender.Let alone their sequence.I would specifically ask my friends who spend hours on facebook,that trying spending a few minutes here on my space to take a note of this post.Once again,a very happy new year to one and all……..


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