Battle of the best…..

What en eventful World Cup this has been so far.We have seen a few hat tricks,a nail-biting tie between India and England and of course there were a few pearls to offer,by the masters of this game to their respective teams.There were quite a few anticipations before the contest had begun that the archrivals are unlikely to face each other.But now,the world waits to witness them play at such a crucial stage of this event.The match has been scheduled on the 30th of March,Wednesday in Mohali’s Punjab Cricket Association Stadium.The PCA Stadium with a capacity of around 30,000 audience will be ready to host at least the same number.

It has literally become the talk of the town with regard to what the outcome of this match would be,who would startle the spectators and so on and and so forth.An air of aggression seems to have ensnared the cricket fans of these two countries and truly emotions are ascending to their zenith.If we have a look at what the stats say,it comes to notice that it is the fifth occasion when these two cricket crazy nations are meeting since the 1992 CWC.However,never has it happened that they met at the knockout stage.It may be a staggering fact for many that India has not lost to Pakistan in the World Cup even a single time.In the previous four matches,the teams have met once in Australia,India,England and South Africa, respectively.Due to the fact that Pakistan is playing in India,security concerns are bound to make an appearance.When Haroon Lorgat,ICC Chief Executive was asked about these issues,he said “Why would there be concerns? We’ve got very, very robust and secure security processes in place.”Thousands of security personnel are deployed in the area to ensure adequate safety for those present.It was assumed that if Pakistan reaches the final four,the venue for the semi-final would be shifted to the Sri Lankan capital Colombo.But Lorgat insisted to keep the schedule unchanged.

We are well acquainted with the fact that the relations between India and Pakistan do not stand as good as they should have been.Ergo,PM Manmohan Singh has taken a bold yet appreciative step by inviting some men of the highest political ranks from the neighboring country.Some even say that its just diplomacy being played under the guise of cricket.It is expected that Pakistan’s Prime Minister Yousuf Raza Gilani,along with the Governor of Punjab,Latif Khosa will be among the VVIP audience.

Albeit,the aftermath of this ODI is still not very clear at the moment,but the sentiments are already conquering skies.It goes without question that the Indian team will have to face the brunt of exertion because of the huge expectations of the home crowd,media,bollywood stars and above all the fear of,god forbid,a loss against Pakistan.What each team needs is to stick to the basics of the game,amass their strengths,eliminate their weaknesses and play normal cricket.And I hope the rancor overcomes not the sportsman spirit of the game.I wish both the teams good luck and the viewers an enjoyable game of cricket.


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