Talks won’t be loose any more…..

Moin Akhtar(1950-2011)

Such is the news that man wishes least,to become aural.It gets difficult to ensconce oneself in that air of sadness and bereavement at least for a while.Moin Akhtar,a legend from Karachi,Pakistan passed away due to heart attack yesterday.He was under treatment at the Combined Military Hospital in Malir Cantonment.He has left behind a wife,two sons and three daughters.

Akhtar started his career at a very young age from Pakistan TV in 1966.Various professions can be associated with his name which shows the versatility of this man.He was a writer,an actor,a director,a producer,a comedian,a host,an impersonator and a singer as well.He worked in hundreds of dramas,films and stage shows.The government of Pakistan has honoured him at several occasions when he delivered for his country.He was awarded with Sadarti Tamgha-e-Imtiaz(Presidential Medal of Distinction) which is the highest national award in Pakistan.Also was he given the Presidents Pride of Performance award for his achievements.

Moin Akhtar also was part of a very successful talk show named ‘Loose Talk’.The show was anchored by another great name from Paksitan,Anwar Maqsood.Their efforts resulted in the production of around four hundred episodes of the same.Maqsood along with Bushra Ansari,a Pakistani actress and Umar Sharif,a comedian from Pakistan were among the very close friends of the deceased.“I was planning to gather all the comedians in Pakistan to give a tribute to him, God had planned otherwise,” said Sharif.Bushra Ansari was in a great shock to have come across the fatal news.She,while commending the gentleman said “All he did was work, to the point of illness”.

I personally feel that Moin Akhtar was one of the biggest assets that Pakistan has ever had.There will never be any like him again not only in Pakistan but the world over.He was to Pakistan,what Amitabh Bachchan is to India.He had such a great personality and was known much for his humour.Another important quality of this entertainer was that he never made his jokes vulgar,as many other comedians do today.

President,Prime Minister and other prominent politicians and celebrities from Pakistan have expressed their grief and sorrow over the mishap on Friday.Condolences have come from a few Indian artists like Javed Akhtar and Johnny Lever as well.

This was a little attempt of mine to pay homage to the great man.If you have been patient enough  to reach here,I request you to watch a short video that shows how noble a character the man possessed.May Allah grant him Jannah and may his soul rest in peace.


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