My IISJ story….

Today,I attempt to recapitulate and give a definite sequence to those dishevelled thoughts that wander around in my brain,bereft of gravity.Certainly,some incidents and experiences leave such deep engravements on ones mind that it becomes almost impossible to forget them.School life is an example of the same.I have penned about one of the most memorable days of my school life ahead.

I came to the International Indian School,Jeddah(IISJ) much as a naive in fourth grade.Prior to this,I studied in schools at UP and Delhi.With the passage of time,I realised how important a phase it is of an individuals life.It is the point that decides which is the road NOT to be taken.It may either be bad,leading to failures and destitute or it  may be good,towards success and prosperity.A lot of this,depends on the those revered beings whom we call ‘teachers’.I always tried my level best to pay due respect to those who are next to my parents.IISJ taught me the etiquettes,the morals,the deportment,the mien,the politesse and much more.And most importantly,it made me what I am.I began to write in newspapers ever since I came to eleventh standard.And have henceforth carried on with my passion in the best way possible.I now relate an incident,the remembrance of which still makes me nostalgic.

It was a typical Sunday assembly in the school premises.At that time,we were seniors.I had somehow developed an acquaintance with our Principal,Mr.Masood Ahmad.It probably was due to my writing in papers and he knew me by face.After the recitation of the verses from the Holy Qur’an and a Hadith of Prophet Muhammad(SAW),a student came and gave the thought for the day.He uttered,while Masood Sir stood beside,’Honesty is the best policy’,and went back to his position.I being tall caught the attention of my Principal and my familiarity with him now assured that I would be called on the microphone.Masood Sir said “We have been hearing this for quite a while.So Salman,can you please come here and elaborate a bit on the aforesaid thought”.As obvious,there was not enough time to deliberate upon but,I gathered all my strength and said whatever came to mind in that respect.The most critical sentence that I spoke was “Honesty with religion is the most important one.If you are not honest to your religion,leave alone the chances of being honest in any other walk of life”.I did what was asked and joined my class back as fellow students clapped.That day was an special one for me.Teachers and friends appreciated my words later.

Now,I am but an ex-IISJ student.And still in touch with many of my mentors.I would make use of this little blog of mine and thank a few of them by name,like Adil Sir(Physical Education),Akram Sir(Accounts),Farhatullah Sir(Maths),Imran Sir(Economics),Israrul Haque Sir(Economics),Kareemullah Sir(Informatics),Masood Sir,Riaz Qasmi Sir(Arabic),Shehnaz Mam(Accounts),Zeenat Mam(English) and all the rest who were somewhere involved in making me a literate.


6 thoughts on “My IISJ story….

  1. Thank you for giving me a place in your heart as one of your favourite teacher.I have seen your IISJ story today.Your flavour in journalism will help you to prosper.Try to switch over to articles and feature writing.

    • Truly honored to have got a response from you.I would definitely bring in some variety in my writing in the days to come,Inshallah.I also am planning to write a short story very soon.And yes,thanks a million for the read.I still remember Mam….you were not there on that Sunday,so,I couldn’t have a response.Happy to hear from you now.

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