Henna’s arrival spills magic…..

So suddenly today out of the normal proceedings this evening,I thought of coming back to the abandoned space.Never thought that the ‘idiot box’ can so easily trigger a feeling and create a vinculum almost inconceivable and far-fetched.A bonding that I struggle hard to achieve at times.Not getting further with my obsession anymore,I now touch down to my point of discussion for this hour.

Henna Rabbani Khar,the name that reverberates oftentimes in media ever since the lady landed on Indian soil .I here am talking about the Minister of Foreign Affairs who is the youngest and first female to have got this stature in the history of Pakistan.She now is almost a week old in office.She was born on 19 January,1977 in Multan,Punjab and is the daughter of politician Ghulam Noor Rabbani Khar. Having graduated with a B.Sc(Hons.) from Lahore University of Management Sciences in 1999,she left for US to further the process of her education.There she completed her M.Sc in Hotel Management from University of Massachusetts in the year 2001.Now married and a mother of two sons and one daughter,she also is a businesswoman by profession.

Her political career saw daylight when she was elected to National Assembly of Pakistan from Pakistan Muslim League-Q(PML-Q) in 2002.Due to some reasons,Khar joined Pakistan Peoples Party(PPP) in 2008.She has also been given other important portfolios while being in the cabinet of Prime Minister Yousuf Raza Gilani.On 13 June,2009 she became the first women to present a budget speech in the National Assembly.After the resignation of Shah Mehmood Qureshi,she was appointed as the Acting Minister of Foreign Affairs on the 13th of February,2011 and was later declared as Foreign Minister on July 19,by the President.

She had recently come on a two day visit to India to initiate another leg of the peace talks between the two nations with her Indian counterpart SM Krishna.“This is my first trip to India and New Delhi as the foreign minister of Pakistan. I bring the good wishes of the people of Pakistan and the government of Pakistan,” Khar told reporters when she arrived at the airport.I see that the Indian media has been paying much attention to other attributes of Khar and did not concentrate much on her political abilites.Her wardrobe and dressing style has literally become the talk of the town.“All eyes on glamorous Pak minister,” is what the Rediff website had to say. “She is clearly being looked at as a perfect combination of beauty and brains.” it added. Her Roberto Cavalli sunglasses,extra large Birkin bag,pearl jewelry and the blue colour formal apparel according to the humid weather conditions has given her a perfect ten in the fashion industry.It has been observed that more and more people are trying to know about the lady on Google and are scrounging for her images to get acquainted.Among the many articles published about her on cyberspace and other mediums,I was startled to see people wanting HRK to join the industry ruled by SRK and the likes.Some want her to stay back as a replacement for Sania Mirza.It’s just hilarious to say the least.

It appears that Times of India,a leading daily of our country has completely fallen for the 34-year old.They have decided to change the name of Indo-Pak friendship campaign from ‘Aman ki Asha’ to ‘Aman ki Henna”.An official of the Times Group said that some people thought that Aman and Asha are names of two lovers from India and hence Pakistan was nowhere involved in this campaign.Consequently,this bedlam would be washed off from their minds once the name is altered.

Several issues were discussed in yesterdays meeting between the two Foreign Ministers and they will be together again in the first half of the succeeding year to review the progress in the dialogue process said SM Krishna.While speaking to the media after the discussion,Khar said “a new generation of India and Pakistan will see a relationship which is going to be much different then the one we experienced in the last few decades. ”

Pakistan has indeed contrived and contrived well to better the relations between them and us.I hope that it helps to serve the purpose and we see a new era ushering in that aids the proliferation of peace and harmony.


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