Farhatullah Khan…….as gallant as ever

Today,I talk of the decade that has gone past an year back.We had gotten into a new block at our International Indian School where the torrid noonday sun and the chirrups were both more apparent .Its was in the year 2003 that I came to sixth standard.As obvious,we had new teachers to take us ahead in our student life.As what my notoriety reminds me,I was absent on the first day of the new academic year,a practise that I became deft at :p .Ergo,I had missed the orientation sessions between teachers and students on that very day.I knew not many except a few that my elder brother talked about.

Farhatullah Khan Sir was my Maths teacher in grade six.I very well remember his classes and how much I feared him.He had a few ethics and principles,on which lay those 30-40 minutes of enlightenment,that I would come up with in the following lines.He was a student in Anwarul Uloom College which is affiliated to Osmania University in Hyderabad and completed his B.Ed from the same College in the early 90’s.Farhat Sir has been serving the institution(IISJ) since 1994  that covers a long period of 17 years.His dedication,enthusiasm,determination and positive approach towards his profession is truly admirable.”I want my students to be the best to set milestones and torch bearers leading the Masses.” says Farhat Sir.

I had mentioned above about the rules that he made for his students and now would elaborate a bit about the same.One sentence that I can recall almost verbatim is “Forget the word forget in maths period”.He didn’t like excuses and that too which were lame. He wanted every child to have basic stationery with him at all times that included two black ball pens.I still remember his insistence to make separate column for rough work on every page of our notebooks.The way he used to calculate and get the result orally left me in stupefaction at a number of times.I do not really know whether or not he follows the same rules today,but know one thing for sure that he is very honest with his duty.He was strict in class and I thought it would be implausible to get away without being beaten.But with Allah’s mercy along with his,I managed to get through :).There was a time span of around five years when I was not at all in contact with him,until one day when I met him at school.It helped to revive the old student-teacher relationship once again for which I always will be grateful to him.I now also am in touch with him through facebook and I see how he makes use of this platform to be in touch with his students.His extensive interest in Cricket makes him an ardent fan of our Indian cricket team.I simply adore his sublime personality that can be gauged just by a twire.

He has a very popular Cause on facebook by the name “Understanding of the Holy Quran is a Must” from years of which I am a co-admin with him(Thanks Sir for having put your trust in me).Insha-allah,I will soon write about the importance of reading Qur’an with translation in the days to come.


2 thoughts on “Farhatullah Khan…….as gallant as ever

  1. The Two Black Ball Pens were sure his “Trademark”. After being promoted to seventh i remember telling him one day after school that i still practiced the habit of black pens in subjects and he explained it to me that the “Quran” is written in black also the :Bedoins are black” this though i am not sure of… Anyway.. one thing i truly and heartily am thankful to him (though there are many) is .. I still use Black Pens ONLY.

    • That’s a nice way to remember him….I always adored him for his principles….he is really such a gentleman!

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