Ethics and Saudi youth….are poles but opposite!!!!

I fail to understand the point behind such munificent attitude of the young Saudi,human like creatures,towards ladies in particular.They cherish their ecstasy on every sight of a woman young and alone to be precise(without any male guardian).Such men seem to have happily exchanged the transient joys for the eternal ones.I really am disheartened to know that security of women in Saudi Arabia takes a giant stride forward with every second that passes by,but sadly in the opposite direction.Their safety is endangered with every step they take out in these horrendous environs of this rich country,neighboring the Red sea.

Harassment exists in all forms and at every place.But it becomes unbearable when done blatantly on a large scale.A feeling sinks in and continues to evaporate thoughts over this very sad state of affairs.I remember having read a poem named “Ode to the West Wind” by Percy Bysshe Shelley.A line of a stanza in the poem says “I fall upon the thorns of life!I bleed!”.Certainly,women here do become targets to the spleneticism of a few execrable minds.And later the agony haunts them for days and at times for their entire life.Women are allowed to work here but again they become vulnerable to the inevitable evil beings who surely were born without a mother or do not have a sister at home(a pun certainly intended!).Their male colleagues leave not any opportunity to accept invitations,despite the fact that they may have never been sent.I do not blame and say every man is of the same nature,but there are just a few disturbing  elements in our society that multiply apace and seldom reduce.An Arab News report published a few days back added to my dismay and forced me to ponder over our inability to control the immoral conduct of a sect of our very own species.The report highlights how limousine or cab drivers face unwanted attention of those haughty youths,when they have women passengers.“This is a daily predicament. Whenever I have women passengers, I find more than one car with young men inside following me. They want to talk to the passengers or pass over their mobile phone numbers to them,” is what a Pakistani driver had to say about these maniacs.Another one said “When these young men do not get any response from the passengers, they start throwing empty bottles at my windshield to force me to stop. Most of them drive luxurious or sports cars,”.I even read that sometimes the rear car doors are opened and pieces of paper are dropped on the passenger’s laps with phone numbers written on them.Such a disgrace really….I have no words to express my dejection!You can read the full report here

Whenever I discuss this issue with anyone,they argue and say that sometimes even women tend to respond and like to be flirted with.I agree to it completely but this doesn’t give you the license to show how much of an animal resides in you,to everyone you come across.My teachers used to tell me that anyone’s behavior shows the way he has been brought up,the company he/she has had and the habits he/she let proliferate within him/her.I think its the negligence of parents and their failure in  the proper nourishment of their child that has its aftermath as seen.

I recently had a visit to Shalal(a very famous adventure park here in Jeddah) last week during the Eid holidays.Those were the last few busy hours of night and the crowd did not appear to subside early.And hence the situation was tailor-made for some people to display their satanic skills.I admired the presence of Police at every gate who were patrolling both inside and outside of the park.But on exiting the place,I was startled to see a young man shouting madly and teasing a group of women from one of his car windows.I shook my head in extreme bewilderment as the car sped away.Something really needs to be done in this regard and that too before the time runs out.I recommend the installation of security cameras on streets and a 24/7 helpline number for women.Lastly,stringent rules should be made to curb this social evil and The Committee for the Promotion of Virtue and the Prevention of Vice or Hai’a should be empowered to take strong actions against the offenders.

It may have looked like a tirade to my readers but stop for once and think what the victims would be feeling like on being subjected to such torment.Please do not wait until the same happens to any member of your own family,God forbid.Some woman are so terrified that they are not even able to take umbrage at these inhuman activities.Such incidents may just be a presage of what lies in store ahead.Wake up Saudi Arabia and set an example for the whole world!!!


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