Speed kills…….

Speeding these days is a fantasy for many.Incredulously,it has become a reason for the display of supercilious attitude by the young generation in particular.Having myself witnessed some horrendous car accidents,I would surely not adhere to any such sentiments.What’s even more dolorous is the fact that despite being well aware of the risk associated,one continues to flirt with danger.This demeanor of certain individuals is completely uncalled for.Statistics reveal a shocking picture of what the aftermath had been when any such accident took place.Injuries occur,lives are lost and property is damaged in situations when these fatalities were completely avoidable.

If we look at the history in this regard,the first road traffic death involving a motor vehicle occurred on 31st August 1869.An Irish scientist Mary Ward died after having fallen out of her cousins steam car and was later overrun by it. Other data shows that almost thirty-five percent of all car accidents occur due to over speeding.In fact, there is a direct relationship between speed and risk.The more speed you are at,the more risk you get exposed to.Consequently,vertigo strikes in and the time to react is substantially reduced.According to a research,a driver who is travelling fast is four times more likely to meet an accident than the one who is going at a normal speed.The data collected from an insurance company proclaims that predominantly,teenagers and early twenty-aged drivers are involved in traffic accidents.And that too happens mostly in the first year of licensed driving.There are other factors as well which are related to human behavior and cause accidents,such as drunk-driving,physical impairment,old age,sleep deprivation,distractions,etc.

Traffic management system in Saudi Arabia is not much admirable.Drivers are aggressive and over speeding is a common sight.I cannot comprehend the reason behind driving fast at the cost of loosing your life.Nothing can be so urgent or precious in normal circumstances that persuades you for speeding up.People here have their own rules at the driving seat.They don’t know what the concept of Priority is when it comes to driving.I ponder at times that are these so called drivers so penurious to spare a thought over the consequences that they may be faced with on venturing in these suicidal acts.It definitely is lugubrious to see the sanguine asphalt which has changed its colour for no apparent reason other than euphoria.As per the reports,not less than 3,500 people lose their lives and pay for their mistakes or those of others every year.Around 28,000 are injured in a total of 1.5 Lakh(approx.) accidents that take place in this part of the world.Albeit,after the implementation of Saher,an automated system for control and management of traffic the rate of accidents has reduced but still the Traffic Police Department needs to direct more resources both technical and human in this area.

I would sincerely advise all of you who love to speed,that please come out of this blithe ignorance and think of those who care for you before hitting the gas with devilish intentions next time.May Allah protect as all.


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