An attempt at poetry….

Had earth been serene!!!


Is really there a measure for tranquility

Hath God let the birth of such a genius,

Who devised a mechanism to guide humanity

Or is the mud-made creature still erroneous,


Different sects have different gauges

Pervasive in each is a vested interest,

Demarcation to which pays handsome wages

But this is a theory not of the simplest,


As man drives the world to destruction

Tearing apart the pace and system,

Selling its portions in the demonic auction

There hardly is left a witness to wisdom,


I reminisce the time of Adam and Eve

When the planet was but a peaceful haven,

Humans least responsible for fall of a leaf

Calmness ascended to the clouds seven,


If persists for long a situation such

Empowering mankind to misuse the land,

The scenic beauty would be not much

Nothing would remain in the lifeless hand.


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