A poem on Greed…..



Man by birth is inclined to greed

Perception makes it but a dire need,

The further he elevates in stature

More does it justify his nature,


Stored in calligraphy is the benevolence of past

I lament the magnificence that strived to last,

Love and patriotism was prevalent in masses

Adherence to injustice was less among classes,


People today cheat for petty gains

Opting for the most pernicious lanes,

Relations now are no more momentous

Aftermath of which is indeed horrendous,


Leaves me pondering the impact of money on minds

Staggered am I left seeing the evil that deceitfully blinds,

Apparent is the notoriety which plays in the grey matter

Surely is this a sign that the world draws to shatter,


I fear the trauma of that proximate Hour

When transparent would stand the human avatar,

Pitiful will be that soul’s plight

Should the book of deeds not be given in right!


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