My favorite bird

No,I talk not about the sparrows and crows that wander around in seclusion or amassed.Birds other than these can be beautiful to watch too.I henceforth am gonna deliberate and share with you my fascination about airplanes.I have quite a few times flown in these gigantic carriers,but not has this caused a decline in my inquisitiveness.In fact,I see graphs with increasing apexes in this regard and the curiosity just rambles in that beautiful milky way.I often observe this wonderful piece of technology representing its country in the endless horizon,as I drive through the broken asphalt of Jeddah.


An airplane basically is made up of a fuselage which may contain the passengers,flight crew,cargo or payload,fuel and engines that may be attached to it.An airplanes cockpit can easily be termed as the heart of it.This is the place where the pilots sit which is in the front or top of the fuselage.The cockpit has a variety of controls like joysticks,rudder pedals,throttle or thrust lever,brake,etc.Other main parts are the following:

  • Flap levers,which are helpful in controlling the flaps on an aircraft’s wings.
  • Spoiler levers,that are used to control the position of spoilers on the wings and to arm their automatic deployment when it is a must while landing.Spoilers are meant to reduce the lift for landing.
  • Trim controls are usually like knobs or wheels that are required for adjusting the pitch,roll, or yaw trim.It plays a significant role in reducing the amount of pressure on the control forces needed to maintain a steady course.
  • A tiller,is a small wheel or lever that enables to steer an aircraft when on ground.It may be used with or instead of rudder pedals.
  • Undercarriage retraction levers,to raise or lower the undercarriage,for reduced drag while in flight.
  • A parking brake, used to prevent the aircraft from moving when it is parked on ground.
It is interesting to note that each and every activity of both the pilots and the plane itself is recorded on the FDR(Flight Data Recorder) and CVR(Cockpit Voice recorder).These two instruments play a vital role in the event of an aircraft crash and help the investigation board to reach the cause of an air crash.Both the data recorders are designed in such a way that they can sustain and keep the data in tact even at high temperatures.No doubt,every crash makes flying safer and developments are being made to make planes safer and safer.Another crucial aspect of an airplane is the Autopilot,that can take control of it for a specified time or for a particular course.As far as manufacture is concerned,there are two major names that come to mind straight away i.e. Boeing and Airbus.Either one has strong grip in the aviation market and has some splendid birds moving around the globe.
I prefer flying in Saudi Airlines usually rather than Air India.The only logical explanation behind that is its not so impressive safety record.I wish a safe journey for everyone and leave for now with a few aircraft pics that you may have never seen before.

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