Should women drive in Saudi Arabia?

The question has been igniting sparks in mind ever since I wrote about Yasmeen Al-Maimani,the second Saudi female pilot, almost an year ago.The issue then was,why are women not allowed to drive in a country that permits them to pilot an airplane,which in itself is a bigger concept.Albeit,the scuffle for freedom had already been started prior to that but the subject has henceforth transformed to a relatively more serious one.Women have come up in multitudes supporting the notion in the best way possible.Social networking sites like YouTube,Facebook,etc. are being continuously used to attract people’s attention and create an exertion on the government.However,nothing seems to have had a lasting impact on the stringent laws of the Kingdom.They remain as they were in this regard.

There are a few aspects that need to be deliberated upon when such sensitive decisions come towards the making.It somewhere gives a feeling that the rights of women are being perturbed in the most delicate and diligent way possible.Most of the women right activists opine that this is a blatant discrimination between the two sexes.After all,today’s woman is no less than a man in terms of willingness,competence and skills.Should they not be allowed to drive on their own roads,it may someday creep up as major challenge for the Saudi government.When the factor of rights of women comes to picture,I see myself inclined towards a ‘Yes’ in this respect.Another irrefutable point of discussion can be the security of women who may well be driving on the obsolete asphalt of this country.I have enormously stretched on this area in my previous writings in the link that follows .It just gives an idea how women are treated outside,when with friends without a male guardian.And in such circumstances,it definitely would paint a horrendous picture of the impending mishaps once the ban on women drivers is lifted up.So,for me it’s a big NO on sight of this side of the coin.Apart from all these issues,there are other vital questions that need to be answered in the present state of affiars.A non-mahram driver itself is a major concern for the safety of women and we do know that there are certain emergencies when the unavailability of a male driver prevents the completion of some time bound tasks and consequently fatalities occur.

I have read many newspaper reports and learned how bold women have become as they already are running their luxurious vehicles in not so deserted areas fearlessly.It has also been reported that this boldness has seldom caught eye of the local police and the offenders were penalized for having defied the local laws.In conclusion,I would say that the perplexed conscience of mine still somewhere tilts to support the demand of women thereby letting them drive freely.May Allah protect them and us all!


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