From a slum window….

From a slum window,I see the morrow striking

As the first rays of God’s lamp come in diving,

I prepare for the hustle and bustle of the day

In the mediocrity of perceptions,for having gone astray,


From a slum window,I observe the bird flying

Carrying eminent souls with no traces for spying,

I wonder about the phenomenon of this  Albatross

Perceiving one day, just won’t let it cross,


From a slum window,I watch the cars passing by

Some afford a glance of sympathy while others deny,

I aspire to own a luxury such when comes the decree

And foresee myself enjoying the royal spree,


From a slum window,I notice the merriness of people

Comparing the darkness within which is lethal,

I deliberate the reason for such a destitute

And pray hoping it lessens the magnitude,


From a slum window,I feel His presence

High in the sky witnessed by the essence,

An unknown force builds up an assurance

That the final destination, won’t be such an endurance.


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