Poor customer service of STC

I recently became a target of the enormous care and contentment, provided by the Saudi Telecom Company or STC.I have been using the internet service from STC,for around half a decade.During this time, I never experienced such deterioration in Customer Service, until very recently,on having ordered a Quicknet SIM card.It all started during Eid-ul-Adha,when I put forth my request for the same.And to my dismay,the matter hasn’t come to an end till date.

I called 907(customer care),asking them to fetch me a data SIM card,at the earliest.The customer service representative assured me that it will be delivered within 48 hours.He also told me that due to Eid season, STC has started a promotion on the same day to provide Quicknet services at a lower price.I happily ordered one and waited for them to contact me.Some days passed without a word from the Company,and I neglected thinking that they may all be on Eid vacation.When I communicated with them again, the cycle of assurance and re-assurance started.I called them continuously for several days,the aftermath of which – the SIM was delivered on the tenth day,from the date of request.However,I kept my cool and looked forward to use it.After a few days of service,the 10GB data SIM card stopped working and I no longer had access to internet through it.I spoke with the CSR(Customer Service Representative).He informed me that my SIM card is only 2GB and all the data for this month has been consumed.Also,I was not given the benefit of Eid promotion i.e. a deducted price.I asked him to upgrade it to 10GB,on the condition that it starts working immediately.He guaranteed me that it will resume within minutes.I never thought minutes will be tantamount to several days.My anger rose to the sky,I couldn’t resist further.Despite many conversations the CSR’s,I service was not put back to normal.I was forced to order a new SIM,making sure it already was 10GB.My first SIM card didn’t work for around fifteen days.But, I was using the newer one so it didn’t affect me much.I later gave it to an acquaintance of mine,when the first one started functioning.But again,it became unresponsive last week.I called up the customer care,by now I knew everyone by name and was startled to know that it was only upgraded to 4GB instead of 10GB.Amid all this,there are tens of sophisticated perplexities,which cannot be explained here.It all added to my dejection in some way or the other.

Apart from all these troubles,I had to fight with the arrogance of those Saudi CSR’s,who are so rude at times that they behave like educated illiterates.They fail to realize,how crucial is the department they are a part of.Customer opinion reflects the image of any establishment to the outer world.Still,they ponder over it,but little.I have now planned to discontinue using,any form of internet service from STC.I know that, neither would it decrease there revenues,that go in billions,nor would it prevent me from using the internet.It leaves me wondering how has such a Company has won an award for Customer Care Excellence,that employs people with such pathetic attitudes.


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