A poem on charity

Ever wondered what turns away the evil from you

How that venomous tree slays itself from where it grew,

All the events direct themselves to His eternity

When He saves the creation for outpour of generosity,


For men to decipher is a cycle in nature

To comprehend their pulling apart from the deadly aperture,

Irrefutably are those a being’s deeds

That swerve him from the path, to trap which leads,


What lacks today is a feather soft heart

Where cheating the poor is assumed  an art,

Indeed are those from a demon’s lineage

Who portray to the world the fairest of image,


We were taught the essence of prayer and charity

A possessor of them is a gifted personality,

Immense power in these virtues God has bestowed

A reward for those in sublimity who bowed,


The misers here are to be pitied upon

For ultimately will they be the ones forlorn,

Benevolence has ever not and never will cause harm

Rather has given always a spiritual charm.



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