From the office desk……


Politics in offices is not something unheard of

People here illicitly manage at others a good laugh,

For long did I ponder over this fiction

But lately have I realized the devastating dereliction,


It has till date been a pioneering experience

Having  flown in and out of the environs of perturbing parlance,

I have met people deft at superficiality

I saw them again with a different personality,


Proximity to your supervisor is seldom appreciable

My fate has put me just beside his table,

I read his countenance much in advance

Specially when it comes to the rivalry of HR and Finance,


A gentleman at office labels a few as ‘actors’

Who have mastered the art of even deluding the preceptors,

His contemplation according to me carries mass

For I have myself witnessed the observed class,


Not to be disregarded is the existence of a few pure souls

Wishing to benefit others without any personal goals,

I learn an ocean seeing their demeanor

Praying to God to help them succeed in their endeavor.


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