Experiences of the Arab world…..

I seldom question the corroded self, what exactly the time was

When the innocent me, experienced the lustrous  Arab world,

A prompt reply ascends up the cerebrum in an affirmative tone

Assuring it has indeed been long, sixteen years!


On pondering over what transpired henceforth

I observe a parity between blessings and demerits,

What lacked throughout dissolved to insignificance against the benefits reaped

I feel God’s presence here more than my place,


Nevertheless, I am given a right to reminisce about my homeland

Particularly about the times I would cherish forever,

I breathed with acquaintances relatively less

But the Creator’s mercy has no peripheries, I felt my lineage closer again,


Accustomed to the Kingdom have I found myself today to such an extent

That nostalgia struggles to maintain proximity,

I have way with my environs at this juncture

Never thought the bliss would be at such an acme,


I fail to justify the human nature

When it comes to aspirations that multiply apace,

Ignorance  overshadows what has been bestowed in abundance

The tired self tries walking back to where it all began!


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