Had Auro’s globe been a reality!!!

I recall  a scene from the movie Paa, where Auro (name of a character played by Amitabh Bachchan) wins an award for making a globe that had no borders. The idea behind this was simple, unity of all countries of the world. The symbolic meaning of this particular object had a glutton of its own for everyone present. I lament the fact that people today have become so conscious about these man made peripheries, that there hardly is a witness to an unostentatious love for each other.

Nevertheless, I abhor not all those who breathe in  an air of aggression on either side of the border. There certainly are a few who have elevated above the superficiality of thoughts. I came across a TV show lately, that televised about a seven year old girl from Pakistan, who underwent an open heart surgery at a Hospital in Delhi. A very famous doc from India operated Hadia(the patient), for seven consecutive hours. Hadia belongs to a poor family and her parents tried their level best to have their first daughter treated, under all circumstances. Her father had already sold his motorcycle and the mother had her adornments on offer, in order to to avail some cash. But, due to the high cost of operation, Hadia’s family had to seek help from the government too. The state authorities helped them in the best way they could. Hadia is now back home after a successful operation by an a man who has indeed become a role model, an inspiration and a reason of pride for many who see no distinction between a six from Sachin Tendulkar or Shahid Afridi. I salute the generosity of that gifted personality who has exemplified the spirit of immense benevolence, for someone who came across for help from the neighboring country. Hadia’s parents also expressed their gratitude to the surgeon for having performed his duty with utmost care and perfection.

I think it is high time that we comprehend and engrave in our mind the need of being kind to others, irrespective of the worldly divisions. Carve out yourself from the groove of enmity and dislike, for all have to answer Him alone on the day of reckoning!

Leaving you with a few couplets of my poem “The land that was one” and a song that aims at achieving brotherhood among the two nations.


The interstate peripheries have separated lineages

Families are barred due to political cages,

Now exists therein only a connection of heart

Thanks to the rulers who pushed them apart,


Some want this land to become one again

By going back to the point where it all began,

There is an urge to ward off the devil’s force

That deprives us of the heavenly pours.


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