The growing trend of tuition….

Education no doubt is a fundamental requirement to achieve success in life. However, it also is a fact that it is not the only factor that plays a part making a distinction between a literate and an uneducated being. As it would come to a common perception, schools are the best place to acquire knowledge. But, parents these days seem to trust these institutions only to a certain degree. Flocks of the student brigade march down to a teacher nearby  or even far off, in order to attend what is known as tuition. I feel that it has become a matter of prestige for a few guardians, who think it would be something disgraceful if they chose not to send their child for private teaching classes. They take pride and boast about the number of hours their ward attends such sessions.

I seldom try to gauge the benefits derived by this practice. Is it so essential to have a primary school student to go for tuition in order to ensure that he understands the complexity of those subjects, which would have hardly molded in their true form till this juncture? I certainly do not think so. When the school life has just begun, or is at the nascent stage, there absolutely is no need to hold private tuition sessions for the younger ones. In fact, it will act as an exertion on the child’s mind to maintain the pride of his/her parents after some good six hours of school. What is taught at school is enough for him to grasp those simple concepts that persuade parents to think otherwise. If someone becomes dependent on tuition at a primitive stage in his academics, he/she will always count on it for their success. And this perspective once cemented, has rare chances to be washed off.

When I oppose private tuition classes at primary level, it doesn’t mean that I do the same for a students complete educational life. As any other process, education also becomes intricate with the passage of time. Some areas at a later stage demand special attention, mostly when things are not understood well at school. Several factors like influence of fellow students, fear of the teacher & hesitancy to raise a question, act as a hindrance to clearing ones doubts. In only these circumstances can a student adhere to this trend, when he/she reaches the secondary level of studies.

I feel that parents should realize that it is not the case that their child can’t learn at school. It is their thinking that doesn’t let them do so. Rather they should encourage children to unearth their talent and teach them to be self dependent in most if not all walks of life, when they start experiencing it.


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