An open letter to Jeddah Municipality

Undoubtedly, we have lived in acquaintance for years. My vicinity to your office assures me of your presence, which is though inconspicuous. For this very reason, I prefer to shy away from all the orientations that would be looked forward to. A herd of human like creatures around you must be defining the sad state of affairs that the city is confronted with. All extols come floating to you from my side and even from those, who are under your service from time immemorial. But, out of the pedestrian perspective of a passerby, I deliberated on an idea to justify the apathy of menfolk proximate to yours truly & of course my addressee. I actually would have loved to announce my issue in a rather simplified manner. But, your esteemed self needs a mention on large scale. By doing so, I have assured contentment on my part by having paid enough reverence to you, in the most subtle manner. Before I begin, I am aware that some would  complain of hyperbole in my previous statements, but if you trust me and I know you definitely would, they are all a mere sprinkle of my humility towards you.

My main objective for writing to you is to highlight that how have the expats like me, adjusted our lives under your benevolence. My subconscious mind projects a blurry picture of what had the problem been, for around a decade now. With all due respect to you, I certainly am taking pride saying, that you have effectively implemented the plan of area segregation, when it comes to water supply. The way you have identified local and expatriate population in an area, is indeed commendable. Consequently, there arose a great differentiation between the quantity of water supplied in all the areas of Jeddah city. I must say that such a decision was laid on the foamy foundations of preference and priority. I have observed over a period of time, that the Municipality has been smart enough to create scarcity by pumping water for a few consecutive days and then depriving us from it for weeks. And when the water is pumped again after some good twenty days, you love to adore the streets, attempting to make the asphalt even blacker, by gutters that overflow so consistently. I wonder, does it really serve the purpose?

On the other hand, also what it does is, gives a rise to the profitability of vendors at Tehlia Street. I just love your concern for them. I read how the local public is exploited in such a situation, when prices don’t just double the normal rate, but multiply by almost half a dozen. I myself remember an occasion, witnessing your out pour of generosity on the day of Eid. The tap was dry even on this sacred day. All my thanks & gratitude to you once again! I know the National Water Company is trying its best to prevent the crisis, but despite your efforts nothing has shown signs of betterment. Not many may have noticed but, I see your success in keeping the believer away from his Lord. Masajid (places for praying) ran out of water too. I understand that none should forget that all have to answer for every injustice done to Allah’s creation, but yours is a different case in point! Relations with the society are to be built & looked after by an individual himself. I think you have liberty once again.

Pay no heed to it, this is what I find myself compelled to say. Still penned a few lines, assuming that you may be humane too.


2 thoughts on “An open letter to Jeddah Municipality

  1. Salman that was commendable, I am more than impressed by your writing skills & the very rich vocab, it truly reflects your talent. Lage Raho……

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