Humsafar….a synonym to magnificence

I recently came across a serial from Pakistan named ‘Humsafar’, written and directed by Zakir Ahmed & Sarmad Sultan, respectively. What attracted me towards the show was its appreciation from a few of my acquaintances. Overwhelmed by their recommendation, I thought of giving it a try and see whether I can justify the extols that engulfed me. The drama comprises of twenty-three episodes. I never assumed that it would turn out to be such a beautiful story. As my comprehension about the plot developed, I couldn’t stop myself from completing it at the nearest hour. Though, it would take a week for a normal viewer to complete the series, but if curiosity ascends to its zenith, like in my case, you can run through within a day or two.

Humsafar is based on a novel written by Farhat Ishtiaq, a female writer, author & scriptwriter from Pakistan. The story mainly revolves around three main characters – Asher Hussain (Fawad Afzal Khan), Khirad Ehsan (Mahira Khan) & Sara Ajmal (Naveen Waqar). Asher is portrayed as an upper-class businessman with a sensible approach towards life. Khirad(protagonist) is the paternal cousin of Asher, who is forcibly married to him under some inevitable circumstances. The third main role Sara(antagonist) is the maternal cousin of Asher and both are close childhood friends. She is shown as a spendthrift upper-class girl who also assists Asher in his business. Through the course of their friendship, Sara develops a liking for her cousin, Asher and is strong-willed to marry him, but is never able to. There are other few characters in the story who play an important role in furthering the sequence. Humsafar begins in Hyderabad, Pakistan, where Khirad lives with her mother in a small house. Her uncle(Asher’s father), who plays the role of Baseerat Hussain(Behroz Sabzwari), is a rich man but was never close to Khirad’s family. Early in the story, Khirad’s mother is diagnosed with cancer, which forces them to leave for Karachi, where Hussain is leading a luxurious life with his family. This is where it all begins, the trials and tribulations of Asher & Khirad.

According to me, the reason for the popularity of this serial was its simplicity and the way it depicted how important trust is, in the blessed relation of a husband and wife. The program conveys how truth can be manipulated and relationships be broken, when the notoriety of a few plays its part. In such a situation, we need to contemplate in a way in which no one would. A dialogue that I liked much in the serial almost translates to ‘It is easy to lie for the first time,but later it creates lot of difficulties. But, truth only takes courage to be spoken at first and may be difficult, later, everything becomes easy.’ Also, the tittle song of this serial deserves a separate mention. It is so melodious & has been appreciated by a wide range of audiences,both national and international. The lyrics of this song are wonderfully written, with the most beautiful diction from the Urdu language. Qurat-ul-Ain Balouch, the singer has sung it so well that it can never be expressed in words. Overall, Humsafar has been a treat to watch for me, being someone who is never interested in dwelling with this sort of fiction. It was recently telecast on ‘Hum TV’, a channel operating in Karachi, Pakistan.

Lastly, I would say that it’s a show for the people of all ages. So, it no doubt is recommended for ALL! Leaving you with the tittle song ‘Woh Humsafar Tha’.


2 thoughts on “Humsafar….a synonym to magnificence

    • Yes, definitely. I also enjoyed watching it. Truly, commendable performance by all the actors. It has added to the beauty of its script.

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