The lost benevolence!!!

I seldom stand in opposition to my own self

Not having thanked Him enough, as in pursuit of my goals I dwelled

My mind comforts me saying He requires it not

The heart warns me it would loosen the knot,


Of my apathy I am reminded seeing the ill-fated

I groan over the fact I can’t be of help

Engulfed in those scary reverberations of the destitute

I exit their world having been beckoned by my luxuries


But at once I stop and delve into the deep ocean

Each drop of which is horrendous in taste

I can’t ever gauge the sourness therein

Startled I am left contemplating about their fortitude to drink thereof


It sometimes is the sight of an orphan forced to work

For its mandatory for him to feed his sister and a mother at home

I observe the harshness of life towards them

But jubilant is yours truly seeing him exchange the Hereafter for this transient world


I often witness a direr situation, a daughter leaving  her home to earn

Only does she understand the circumstances faced

We see us all ogling & accusing her for no reason

Making it a miserable place to survive herein!


2 thoughts on “The lost benevolence!!!

  1. For me… This is one of the MOST beautiful poems .. Truly.. maybe even one of your best too! especially the first para is mind blowing!! Loved it LOVED IT!!! How can u write such Poems!!!

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