Pedro Baranda, a melange of an all audacious being

It was with the onset of a typical Wednesday morning on the 3rd of April, 2013 last week, that a special day at office was inquisitively beginning to unfold.  A Wednesday in particular, generally, escalates the exuberance uncontrollably to the prime, for it’s a serene slumber that beckons the tired self ahead on the weekend. But, without a doubt, the ebullience had to be even more mystifying & vigorous that day as the President of Otis Elevators, Pedro Baranda, was to visit the office to meet the employees & attend an employee recognition ceremony.

Before I plunge into describing the day further, let me just brief you all about the man himself. Pedro Baranda, as the name rightly indicates such an august, grandeur & majesty, holds a Bachelors degree in Mining Engineering, Masters in Business Administration & a Doctorate in Engineering too. It goes without saying that the individual is a personality gifted, but in abundance. Baranda had joined United Technologies Company (UTC), of which Otis is a wholly owned subsidiary, in the year 1993 as a Research Engineer. With an undeterred grit &  tenacity, he had launched himself into the elevator industry in his mid-twenties. Therefrom, he exalted to new highs with every tick of the clock. Having put forth an indispensable display of intellect & charm, he held various critical executive positions later on & continued to embark on designations such as a Director, General Manager, Managing Director, etc. During the course of his success, he had even been a member of a team of Otis engineers, who won the George Mead Medal, the highest Engineering honor given by UTC. He was named the President of Otis in February last year & is now based in Connecticut, USA.

As we had all prepared to welcome his Excellency the other day, the plan was put to adore the President with a blooming paraphernalia of momentous time frames. He  was greeted in a traditional Arab style by the the Managing Director, HR Manager & other top management executives, having been offered dates & the special Qahwa (the arabic word for coffee) as he entered the office. Subsequently, having toured the office meeting each employee,  the deserving staff were recognized for their efforts at work. A few minutes of enlightenment followed, as the President shared his views about the business & our commitment to Safety in work. Those were one of the most inspiring words audible to my conscience ever. To me, truly it was his carriage that turned heads. The conduct, the mien, the deportment & above all the simplistic grace had engulfed my mind, as the facility went abuzz with the clicking of cameras & the claps & the admiration.

As the designation demands, Baranda often shares his views with the public, capitalizing the advent of a highly sophisticated social media in today’s world. In an interview, he acquainted the world with trying to innovate the modern elevators his way by introducing a small screen to the elevator design, which would attract the attention of captive passengers to what is being run on the screen. This may well eliminate, the albeit few, but monotonous moments of a vertical shift. Also, he blogs regularly for interacting with the public.

To summarize it all up, it was a great learning experience for me to witness such an audacious being, on whom the effect of his stature is  hardly conspicuous. My wishes & prayers for him in all the ventures that he would be a part of in future.



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