The craze of Kaunfessions on Facebook!



The pace at which Facebook has proliferated the peripheries of social network in the recent past is certainly beyond apprehension. The advent of social media, which is on the way to an unprecedented rise in terms of development, is certainly gaining reverence in public. Albeit, like any modern invention of the most intelligent creation, electronic media too has to fight with its demerits to sustain & guarantee its existence in the society. With the audience becoming active imbibers of media content, rather than being passive observers like those of the past, the inquisitiveness to quench the thirst of a fragile learner is best met at this platform. The conscience of the audience has Einstein-ed itself for the better. This is to say that people have learned to differentiate between the actuality & propaganda driven concepts.

Now coming to my point of discussion i.e. Facebook-cum-Confessions. We are currently witnessing an emerging trend on the social network website in the form of Confessions(or I would rather say Kaun?-fessions as you can easily guard your anonymity herein). The Confession pages have recently come in vogue, for Facebook users get a chance to express their agony about something, write about their crushes at school, share their school memories, pen about the cruelty of bosses, and do much more at their own leisure just with the click of a mouse. Yours truly ,being an alumni of International Indian School-Jeddah, is one among those who have contributed to the 4k likes of the page ‘IIS Jeddah Confessions’. I have myself made use of it to share my thoughts about the school & the all special moments spent there. I still reminisce about those wonderful days, as any other student would, having graduated from IISJ in 2009. The nostalgia at times is at such an apex that I find it difficult to accommodate the feeling within. However, my school’s confession page has helped me to be ensnared in that futile longing, yet sustain the merriness.

While going through the confessions, which are already 900+ as of today, I came across some awe-inspiring stories. While some confessors only described their crushes at school or gave elegant details of the notoriety they played at school, others discussed things they would never have spoken about to anyone except this virtual space. These were the narrations mostly from the female of species, who had been victimized in the form of sexual abuse by their very own relatives or every other stranger that roams around in Aziziyah with devilish intentions. I strongly believe that when it comes to women, the concept of ‘character assassination’ comes in as a handy catalyst to aid self-centered ambitions. Character accusation of any sex, without any concrete evidence, is indeed a grave sin. But, the issue becomes even more delicate when it comes to women, as they hold such a pristine stature in Islam that you & me would never have thought of. I saw some confessions, the every read of which jolted the core of me. Indeed, if this was my personal state, how subjugated would have that soul felt having gone through the torture herself. If somebody at this platform had gathered enough strength to describe the horrendous chain of events, there was always that less sensible lot among us to point fingers them. Some said “Nobody can touch a girl unless she wills so herself”, while others opined saying “You were strong enough to defend yourself, why didn’t you?”. I would only say to such opinion makers that think a million times before advising somebody, as you know not what & how the actual situation was. You need to maintain objectivity to the utmost when deciding to have a go at someone. May He protect us all, but you can only comprehend the reality if a similar or direr tragedy has befallen you.

I thought to myself venting out my frustration to such perspectives won’t do any good, because the owners of such perceptions are not impressed with any school of thought other than their’s. Amid all this came a post from the page Admin & as obvious I do not know who he or she is. The Admin gave a thrashing reply to those, who were alleging the victims in return & groaned over the fact that he didn’t have a sister. I know one thing for sure, through this page & mainly after such a response on behalf of all the women, the Admin would have found many sisters, their affection, care & above all their prayers. Lastly, all what I want to say is that I am not trying to flaunt my benevolence by writing all this, but just want to make people understand that they MUST observe utter caution when speaking about such sensitive matters. And particularly what you exert on in the social media have long-lasting impacts on the receivers. Please do not blame women, for they are the reason of your very own existence!


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