A stroll down memory lane….


My school beholds such a grand august

That each spent moment stands vivid & robust,

I fail to vindicate the nostalgia from self

Such vigorous is the bond & astounding the engulf,


Be it the chirrup in the early hours

Or the lassitude to expose the cornea to the sunny-showers,

The euphoric birds made for a lively day

The eye eventually woke up to the constructive fray,


Be it the jostle in pursuit of the morning assembly

Or the hustle at the canteen to counter the belly,

The day began with divine reverberations

While the eatery became a place of commotions,


I reminisce the notoriety of friends at class

Be it the weird howls or a friendly harass,

That influence of seniority & horrendous fights

The display of power at ascending heights,


The commencement of exams & the seating plan

The revenge from examinees & the cheating plan,

The invigilator’s lenience was much in need

When the question paper seemed a new world indeed,


There is a longing to advance back in time

To experience the genres of pleasing chimes,

For the solitary reticence can’t be further imbibed

The melancholy amid is intensely glorified!


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