Airports & emotions



Amid the ferocious winds & skying inventions

Beneath lies the voracious urge to ensnare derelictions,

Either the tender heart finds no solace

Or an orphaned head finds a parental caress,


The place where two oceans witness a unique blend

In the waves of euphoria, in the tides of lament,

The aftermath of which enslaves the benign self

Marching to the path of an elaborate delve,


It sometimes is the sight of a jovial being

The receipt to whom is a blissful fleeing,

A means to shelve out the lasting solitude

A way to project the proliferating gratitude,


While at times is the union seen disintegrate

And the parting inevitably reveals an instigate,

When the shower of love pours in abundance

Cloaking the despondency & priming the affluence,


But how obvious is the cycle of nature, its events

Yet so oblivion is man to the resulting invent,

The former has to again taste the divide

The latter elated by the relishing provide!


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