Imran Khan & Pakistan elections

Imran Khan

11th May, 2013, the day that every Pakistani may have looked up to in the best of their very own interest. The day that assured a change. The day that promised an end to a perpetual nemesis under the tyranny of corrupt, impudent & reprobated rulers. This was the day when the 14th election of the National Assembly & other provincial assemblies was to be held. Even though Pakistan is the world’s fifth largest democracy, its democratic setup has been put to question innumerable times in the recent past. It was mainly this audacious mar that had to be scratched off from the face of the country after the elections this year. Despite various threats to the conduct of these elections, around 60% from the total pool of 86 million voters turned up to cast their vote. This has been the highest turn out since the 1970 elections. Fatally, almost 20 people were killed in pursuit of making their opinion count.

What made the elections unique & unpredictable to a large extent was the Khan factor. As we all know, Imran Khan, the Chairman of Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf, was a strong candidate & an enormous challenge to Pakistan Muslim League (N). But, still the Tiger resisted the Tsunami & emerged victorious. This was the third time that Nawaz Shareef had come in power & it appears that the tremendous developments in Punjab  during his reign over the last few years had propped him to get almost a nationwide acceptance in these elections. Yet, we cannot remain oblivion to the success of PTI as it had managed to clean sweep one of the crucial provinces of Pakistan, Khyber Pakhtunkhwa (KPK) & gained fair enough seats in the National Assembly in a stiff competition. No doubt, the opposition party this time will not be playing a role of a “friendly opposition” but will rather take Shareef to task. According to some commentators, the execution of elections itself was a victory of Pakistan. The anti-democracy forces in the nation have pulverized its democratic setup. One of the most astounding facts to be noted in these elections is that each and every party, be it a winner or a looser, is raising questions about the accuracy of results. As an aftermath, in NA-250, which was the most controversial constituency in terms of result manipulation, a re-polling was ordered by the election commission  to pacify the respective candidates.

Khan to me is a true patriot & statesman. His integrity & love for his nation makes him a reverent being. The injury at the Lahore rally which rendered him bedridden for a few days was indeed a groaning experience. As per Globalpost, an online US news Company, Khan proved to be among the top nine leaders of the world. He had a gigantic following from the youth of his country. He has put a great display of nationalism during the election campaign. If Pakistan has leaders such, definitely the gloomy environs that the country is ensnared in will subside in the due course, guiding it to prosperity &  affluence.


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