A father’s longing…..

Father-Daughter Holding Hands

Has not the Creator instilled such warmth in relations?

The essence of which emanates lasting reverberations,

A father-daughter bond is one to exemplify

That evolves with time & furthers to solidify,


May there be countless associations on face of earth

But for sure is this of an abundant worth,

Such a distinctive fragility hath He bestowed herein

That cometh what may but resists the horrendous spin,


Begins this all with the very first breath of the innocent angel

Where the elated parent cherishes that soft entangle,

For the love indeed is vigorous as the rising sun

The apex of which shoots to an infinite run,


In the quest to fulfill her heart’s desire

He foregoes persistently longing for the precious acquire,

All that’s done is for his flower to bloom

In the find of exultance, in the shades of groom,


The solitude, the monotony, the big day dream

Confines the father till the parting scream,

Yet does the grit make him concrete

To let her welcome the morrow’s greet.


Airports & emotions



Amid the ferocious winds & skying inventions

Beneath lies the voracious urge to ensnare derelictions,

Either the tender heart finds no solace

Or an orphaned head finds a parental caress,


The place where two oceans witness a unique blend

In the waves of euphoria, in the tides of lament,

The aftermath of which enslaves the benign self

Marching to the path of an elaborate delve,


It sometimes is the sight of a jovial being

The receipt to whom is a blissful fleeing,

A means to shelve out the lasting solitude

A way to project the proliferating gratitude,


While at times is the union seen disintegrate

And the parting inevitably reveals an instigate,

When the shower of love pours in abundance

Cloaking the despondency & priming the affluence,


But how obvious is the cycle of nature, its events

Yet so oblivion is man to the resulting invent,

The former has to again taste the divide

The latter elated by the relishing provide!


Image source: http://www.trainarts.com/atmypace/holland-townbytown/amsterdam-airport-schiphol.html

A stroll down memory lane….


My school beholds such a grand august

That each spent moment stands vivid & robust,

I fail to vindicate the nostalgia from self

Such vigorous is the bond & astounding the engulf,


Be it the chirrup in the early hours

Or the lassitude to expose the cornea to the sunny-showers,

The euphoric birds made for a lively day

The eye eventually woke up to the constructive fray,


Be it the jostle in pursuit of the morning assembly

Or the hustle at the canteen to counter the belly,

The day began with divine reverberations

While the eatery became a place of commotions,


I reminisce the notoriety of friends at class

Be it the weird howls or a friendly harass,

That influence of seniority & horrendous fights

The display of power at ascending heights,


The commencement of exams & the seating plan

The revenge from examinees & the cheating plan,

The invigilator’s lenience was much in need

When the question paper seemed a new world indeed,


There is a longing to advance back in time

To experience the genres of pleasing chimes,

For the solitary reticence can’t be further imbibed

The melancholy amid is intensely glorified!

The lost benevolence!!!

I seldom stand in opposition to my own self

Not having thanked Him enough, as in pursuit of my goals I dwelled

My mind comforts me saying He requires it not

The heart warns me it would loosen the knot,


Of my apathy I am reminded seeing the ill-fated

I groan over the fact I can’t be of help

Engulfed in those scary reverberations of the destitute

I exit their world having been beckoned by my luxuries


But at once I stop and delve into the deep ocean

Each drop of which is horrendous in taste

I can’t ever gauge the sourness therein

Startled I am left contemplating about their fortitude to drink thereof


It sometimes is the sight of an orphan forced to work

For its mandatory for him to feed his sister and a mother at home

I observe the harshness of life towards them

But jubilant is yours truly seeing him exchange the Hereafter for this transient world


I often witness a direr situation, a daughter leaving  her home to earn

Only does she understand the circumstances faced

We see us all ogling & accusing her for no reason

Making it a miserable place to survive herein!

Experiences of the Arab world…..

I seldom question the corroded self, what exactly the time was

When the innocent me, experienced the lustrous  Arab world,

A prompt reply ascends up the cerebrum in an affirmative tone

Assuring it has indeed been long, sixteen years!


On pondering over what transpired henceforth

I observe a parity between blessings and demerits,

What lacked throughout dissolved to insignificance against the benefits reaped

I feel God’s presence here more than my place,


Nevertheless, I am given a right to reminisce about my homeland

Particularly about the times I would cherish forever,

I breathed with acquaintances relatively less

But the Creator’s mercy has no peripheries, I felt my lineage closer again,


Accustomed to the Kingdom have I found myself today to such an extent

That nostalgia struggles to maintain proximity,

I have way with my environs at this juncture

Never thought the bliss would be at such an acme,


I fail to justify the human nature

When it comes to aspirations that multiply apace,

Ignorance  overshadows what has been bestowed in abundance

The tired self tries walking back to where it all began!

From the office desk……


Politics in offices is not something unheard of

People here illicitly manage at others a good laugh,

For long did I ponder over this fiction

But lately have I realized the devastating dereliction,


It has till date been a pioneering experience

Having  flown in and out of the environs of perturbing parlance,

I have met people deft at superficiality

I saw them again with a different personality,


Proximity to your supervisor is seldom appreciable

My fate has put me just beside his table,

I read his countenance much in advance

Specially when it comes to the rivalry of HR and Finance,


A gentleman at office labels a few as ‘actors’

Who have mastered the art of even deluding the preceptors,

His contemplation according to me carries mass

For I have myself witnessed the observed class,


Not to be disregarded is the existence of a few pure souls

Wishing to benefit others without any personal goals,

I learn an ocean seeing their demeanor

Praying to God to help them succeed in their endeavor.

A poem on charity

Ever wondered what turns away the evil from you

How that venomous tree slays itself from where it grew,

All the events direct themselves to His eternity

When He saves the creation for outpour of generosity,


For men to decipher is a cycle in nature

To comprehend their pulling apart from the deadly aperture,

Irrefutably are those a being’s deeds

That swerve him from the path, to trap which leads,


What lacks today is a feather soft heart

Where cheating the poor is assumed  an art,

Indeed are those from a demon’s lineage

Who portray to the world the fairest of image,


We were taught the essence of prayer and charity

A possessor of them is a gifted personality,

Immense power in these virtues God has bestowed

A reward for those in sublimity who bowed,


The misers here are to be pitied upon

For ultimately will they be the ones forlorn,

Benevolence has ever not and never will cause harm

Rather has given always a spiritual charm.