First cheque in your name, worth Rs. 1 crore

Feroz Fatma & Amitabh Bachchan

Indubitably, the tittle stands for itself, while the 22 year old, Firoz Fatma, made the fact public. The lady was pronounced the first women Crorepati of the seventh season of Kaun Banega Crorepati (KBC). Fatma hails from Saharanpur district of Uttar Pradesh, India & holds a Bachelor of Science degree. She talked of her deceased father during the show, who passed away an year back. As she narrated, he died in the state of Sujud (Prostration) while praying in the Masjid. Her father had taken some loans, keeping their land as mortgage. The repayment of the same led her to KBC, where she was destined to see the first cheque in her name, worth Rs 1 Crore!

I had watched this last episode of KBC right from the beginning. At first, the lady seemed nervous & pressurized. If I remember it right, she took thirty-three seconds to answer the three questions of the Fastest Finger First round. Luckily, she got away with it & was the only contestant to have answered all the three questions. This led her to qualify & reach the hot seat. What I liked about her was the appearance & a serene conduct that she projected. Neither did she popularize any artificial adornments, nor were those ‘the Victoria secret’ eyes. It was all about simplicity & composure. As for her vast knowledge at such a young age, it had mainly come from reading newspapers & watching news channels. As the game progressed, her confidence escalated as she endeavored towards what she may not even have dreamt of. As Indian express quotes, she said “I was very nervous when I wasn’t able to make it to the hot seat in the second last episode also and felt I would have to go home empty handed. But then I aced the fastest finger first round and made my way to the hot seat. Also, I didn’t feel as the Rs one Crore winner until the audience clapped and Bachchanji hugged me. It is a great feeling.” KBC has literally changed almost every aspect of her life. She is also reported having said that the behavior of relatives & other acquaintances around her has changed after she won at the game show. Life is indeed harsh & time a ruthless observer at certain junctions.

Fatma spoke about her tenacity & willingness to participate in the show, as quoted by a news channel. She said “I continued sending SMSes for KBC, and when the opportunity came, I devoted my full attention to prepare for the quiz.” She also added saying “”I had a chance to win Rs 3 crore, but there was this risk of losing this money (Rs 1 crore). I had used all my three lifelines, and since I was not confident, I quit.” This I think was a wise choice on her part, as we know it is better to you lose what was not certain to be earned than to lose what has already been bagged.

Though this season’s KBC has ended, but it has yet again triumphed the confidence of the common man, rejuvenated the spirits of ordinary people of the country & reasserted the very cause of it being there. May the ever so graceful Mr. Amitabh Bachchan, continue to conduct this unique game show & accord the players with eternal happiness & joy.

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