A father’s longing…..

Father-Daughter Holding Hands

Has not the Creator instilled such warmth in relations?

The essence of which emanates lasting reverberations,

A father-daughter bond is one to exemplify

That evolves with time & furthers to solidify,


May there be countless associations on face of earth

But for sure is this of an abundant worth,

Such a distinctive fragility hath He bestowed herein

That cometh what may but resists the horrendous spin,


Begins this all with the very first breath of the innocent angel

Where the elated parent cherishes that soft entangle,

For the love indeed is vigorous as the rising sun

The apex of which shoots to an infinite run,


In the quest to fulfill her heart’s desire

He foregoes persistently longing for the precious acquire,

All that’s done is for his flower to bloom

In the find of exultance, in the shades of groom,


The solitude, the monotony, the big day dream

Confines the father till the parting scream,

Yet does the grit make him concrete

To let her welcome the morrow’s greet.