Jeddah’s Serafi mall at the apex of voyeurism

Serafi mall 2

No, I do not have a grudge with the owner of this mall. Neither do I have a latent motive behind exposing the ridiculousness of the place. The outpour ahead is just an aftermath of a long resistance in me that breathed last lately. The resilience within me died out having seen a humiliating transgression of indecency, voluptuousness & immorality at the so called Mega Mall. The urge to express had never been so compelling before & hence I start the devour on my thoughts one after the other.

The saying “All that glitters is not gold” perfectly substantiates the scenario. Though the structure stands vivid to the observer with it’s vigorous display of attractive glow, it has still become a cause of anguish to some like me. I have been going to the place for more than an year now due to the nature of my work & the dejection, as it appears, is yet to witness a point of culmination.  There is a perfect dissimilarity between the exterior & interior of the building, with regards to the environs. The lavishly adorned mall, with all the essential components that help it to be beckoned as a five star hangout place, in fact houses demons in the form human beings. I am appalled to see young boys & girls portraying such a villainous conduct that my conscience shivers me to the core. Calling the inner atmosphere a mere ‘shameless’ one would belittle the actuality therein. As in most cases, it is not just the male of species that deserve a slander, but the women clad scantily in black, inevitably deserves an equal share of blame here. Usually, males sans family are not allowed to enter the mall on weekend, when an influx of visitors is expected. This measure of the mall authorities helps but little to prevent possible chances of harassment, because the security guard is seldom honest on duty. Even I have been stopped several times at the entrance, but got through after making the security personnel understand that I have a genuine reason for the visit, which hardly is of ten minutes. Having been stopped at the gate last week, I started with the routine explanation to the reason of my visit. Meanwhile, an elderly lady, with a walking stick in her hand, came & stood beside cautiously listening to my reasoning. She later interrupted our conversation & told the guard “Go tell the owners to stop those miscreants first, who are spreading filth inside & then concentrate on others”. I very well comprehend what had made her say so to him, for I myself become observant to the prevalent ignominy.

I see the mingling of both the sexes to an incomprehensible  extent. Throwing contact numbers, passing disgraceful comments, stares flying all around, etc are just a common sight. I at times found member of Hai’a ( Committee for the Promotion of virtue and prevention of vice) taking rounds at different floors, but those lovers of immodesty pay no heed to their advice. The authorities even tried to influence the perception of the younger lot by broadcasting live telecast of the Holy Haramain, Makkah & Madinah, on the TV screens inside the mall. But, the scene hasn’t even tilted towards betterment, rather has deteriorated over time due to the profanity of those voyeurs.

I wonder how the parents of these young fellows allow them to reach to such a higher degree of insanity. The longer I ponder, the further do I puzzle myself. I wish our young generation understands the risk they are at, being in such a crucial phase of their life. May He guide us all!